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7150 Maple Ave

Neighborhood: Madeira
1444 Square Feet

Step into this wonderfully located and beautifully updated home in the heart of Madeira! Gorgeous kitchen cabinetry, granite countertops and designer tile backsplash. Gorgeous chandelier and windows abound in this easily accessible home, walk to the town, parks and schools! Call now for your private showing!


Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2 Full, 0 Half
Rent: $2,495.00
Deposit: $2,495.00
School: Madeira
Other Fees: $40.00
(Application Fee)
Type of Heat: Forced Air
Heat Covered: No
Gas Covered: No
Water Covered: No (Cincinnati Water Works)
Electricity Covered: No
A/C Type: Central
Flooring: Wood and Carpet
Fireplace: Inoperable
Parking: Garage
Washer & Dryer: In Basement (Free)
Dishwasher: Yes
Lawncare: Not Included
Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Other Pets: No
Minimum Pet Fees: $30 Monthly and $150 refundable deposit

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7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveA.jpeg 7150MapleAveA.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveB.jpeg 7150MapleAveB.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveC.jpeg 7150MapleAveC.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveD.jpeg 7150MapleAveD.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveE.jpeg 7150MapleAveE.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveF.jpeg 7150MapleAveF.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveG.jpeg 7150MapleAveG.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveH.jpeg 7150MapleAveH.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveI.jpeg 7150MapleAveI.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveJ.jpeg 7150MapleAveJ.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveK.jpeg 7150MapleAveK.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveL.jpeg 7150MapleAveL.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveM.jpeg 7150MapleAveM.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveN.jpeg 7150MapleAveN.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveO.jpeg 7150MapleAveO.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveP.jpeg 7150MapleAveP.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveQ.jpeg 7150MapleAveQ.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveR.jpeg 7150MapleAveR.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveS.jpeg 7150MapleAveS.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveT.jpeg 7150MapleAveT.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveU.jpeg 7150MapleAveU.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveV.jpeg 7150MapleAveV.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveW.jpeg 7150MapleAveW.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveX.jpeg 7150MapleAveX.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveY.jpeg 7150MapleAveY.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveZ.jpeg 7150MapleAveZ.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveZB.jpeg 7150MapleAveZB.jpeg
7150 Maple Ave: 7150MapleAveZC.jpeg 7150MapleAveZC.jpeg

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